Captain Locksmith Shop Entry Doors Repair Or Replace Los Angeles, CA


Your doors are the main entryway to your commercial property. It’s important that you keep them in good repair if you want to keep possessions as safe as possible from external threats like thieves and vandals. If your commercial door needs to be repaired or replaced quickly, you can contact Captain Locksmith Shop. We carry outentry doors repair or replace in a short span of time, at an affordable price. Our locksmiths are very experienced – we have been operating in the local region for almost a decade- and we have a large inventory of new doors of different makes and brands for you to pick from.

When should you hire our service?

When is the right time to hire our service? Here are some of the most common scenarios where our customers ask for us:

  • When your old door is structurally damaged
  • When you’re having trouble getting your entry door to open
  • When you want better security for your building
  • When the door(s) doesn’t go well with the décor

Does my door need to be replaced or can it still be repaired?

How do you know if the entry door can be repaired or must be replaced? Captain Locksmith Shop offers free consultations for business owners in Los Angeles, CA. We can send over an experienced locksmith team to your location. They’ll take a look at your premises and give you an expert recommendation. You don’t have to hire our entry doors repair or replace service unless you want to.

Wide array of options

Captain Locksmith Shop Los Angeles, CA 310-765-9487We have a great number of innovative, well-made, and (most importantly) secure doors in our inventory for you to pick from. Here are some of the most common types we sell and install for our clients:

  • Steel: Steel doors are very secure and cheap, but don’t last very long.
  • Wooden: Wooden variants are somewhat expensive and last for a reasonably long time.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass types are very strong and last for a long time. They are the most expensive type, usually, but are well worth the price.

If the kind of door you are looking for isn’t on the list or you need a custom one made, we can still help. Just discuss your requirement with our company representative on 310-765-9487.

Just call our entry doors repair or replace service now on 310-765-9487 ! We’re available 24/7!